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Hot Buyer Leads. Ultra Motivated Seller Leads. Complete CRM. Full Automation...
Unfair New Level Of Buyer And Seller Marketing, Deal Management, Organization, and Automation
Feature Breakdown
Advanced Deal Management All on 1 Screen
Our powerful deal management system lets you see, on one screen, every single deal you have in your pipeline at every stage it's in. We even have a deal score which automatically tells you which prospects/leads need extra attention to keep them moving through your pipeline.
  • See a snapshot of all your deals on 1 screen
  • Move each lead /deal through the stages from left to right
  • Perfect deal flow
  •  Never miss a deal
Feature Breakdown
Launch A Property For Sale In Minutes
With our Property Launch feature you don't need to have a marketing bone in your entire body and you'll know every single one of your properties you put up for sale is marketed like a pro to sell in 7 days or less.
  •   You fill out a simple form and upload pictures  
  •   WE write a killer property description unique to your house FOR YOU
  •   WE write 15 buyer grabbing craigslist ads FOR YOU  
  •   WE write a jaw dropping facebook post and post it to your page FOR YOU  
  •   WE write a blog post and post it to your blog FOR YOU  
  •   WE make and upload a custom video of your house and post it to YouTube FOR YOU  
  •   AND MORE

That’s Just Scratching The Surface of
Buyers on Fire’s Powerful Features
The Sweet Spot Locator
Enter your investing area and our software searches where all the REAL buyers are, where the best properties are to buy, and the areas you should avoid.

The report will tell you...
  •  Total homes sold in the entire radius you searched
  •   The Average Sales Price in the entire radius you searched
  •   Average Square foot, bedrooms, bathrooms in the entire radius you searched
  •  For Each Zone (Wholesale, Prehab, Rehab and Avoid) we'll tell you every zip code in that area, how many units sold per zip code, and the average sold price.
Not only does the Sweet Spot Locator tell you where to invest/avoid, it analyzes your areas and reports what exit strategy you HAVE to use in those locations.
Lead Capture Numbers (Never market with a website again)
How many motivated seller leads does your website generate on a monthly basis? 1, 2... oh wait, I know, maybe 4?

We knew there had to be a better way so we created Lead Capture Numbers. These are phone numbers WE plaster everywhere on your marketing for you that suck in leads like a Dyson (they never loose suction either). Buyers and sellers are tired of filling out forms, that's why they don't do it anymore. They don't want a FREE Report. They want to call you!! Just do what they want and you'll get the lead every time.
  •  We put lead capture numbers out in marketing  
  •   Buyers or Sellers call the LCN's
  •   The call gets forwarded anywhere you want
  •   We capture the buyer's phone number and store it in an organized list for you so you can market back to them in the future. We build the list FOR YOU
If you don't use our LCNs, you simply don't make money.
iComps (So powerful you'll feel guilty using it)
Don't have access to the MLS for pulling comparables?

No Problem! We have more accurate data than the MLS. You can now comp any property, anywhere in the United States, in a matter of seconds by the click of a button.

Enter in the address...
  •  We tell you the estimated value
  •   You see all the SOLD homes 1/4 - 2 miles away from the home within the past 6 - 12 months
  •   You see all homes that sold for cash
Comping is faster and more accurate in Buyers On Fire. You NEVER have to call a Realtor again. Just click our iComps button inside our app.
"Outstanding, John. Really. I'm not kidding you. No stone
left unturned. Thanks to you, I am debt free."
Anthony Moya
Simple Truth  
We have Finding Motivated Sellers And Selling Any Home In 7 Days DOWN. The business is easy if you have the right tools. Now use the Powerful Automation in Buyers On Fire to scale your Real Estate business like you've never seen before.
Plus...Look At All These Advanced Features
  • The buying and selling deal analyzer - You just pulled your iComps on the property and now do you have a deal? In less than 5 clicks, enter what you're buying the property for and what iComps says you can sell it for and our Deal Analyzer will tell you if you have a "REAL" deal.
  •  Your New CEO Dashboard - Our users are successful because they know their numbers. Your CEO dashboard is your new best friend. It's a snapshot of every number in your business to tell you what's working well and what areas you need to ramp up.
  •  Voicemail Broadcast Technology - We've all received the automated calls from people and we know they just recorded a message and sent it to your cell phone. HOW FAKE!!! Our software works 100% of the time and gets results. Simply record a message and our advanced feature will skip the ringer of the person you're calling and put a voicemail right in their inbox. They think you really called them and then they'll call you back instantly.
  •  Contact Message Thread - This is 1 out of 100 ways our CRM is the most powerful on the market. You can go into any contact you have (Buyer or Seller) and read the message thread to see everything. The marketing you've sent them, the text messages they send you and how you replied. The notes you've written about them, plus you can easily send them an email, voicemail, Facebook message, and more right from their message thread.
  •  2 Way Inbox - Our job is to put buyer and seller marketing out there FOR YOU. When someone replies, they will call you, send an SMS, comment on your FB post, send you a FB message, email you, etc... If they text you all you do is pay attention to you BOF inbox and respond and it sends them a text back. If they send you a FB message, watch your BOF inbox and reply inside it and it will send the contact a FB message back. Respond back to them using the BOF inbox and they will get the reply in the same way they sent it - but you only need to watch 1 inbox. How's that for automation.
  •  Advanced Broadcasting - Choose any group of your contacts (Buyer or Seller) and with 1 click send them an Email, SMS or Voicemail broadcast. Make sure to watch your BOF 2 way inbox to reply immediately. They respond quickly.
  •  File Storage - Go into a contact profile and upload any document, purchase contract, lien waiver, etc... so you have a paper trail right inside your BOF account at all times.
  •  We Track Your Numbers Better Than You Do - Not only do our Lead Capture Numbers bring leads into your system, but they also track your marketing to know what's working and where you need to improve. Our reporting will know your business better than you do. You just reap the reward by using BOF to see every marketing number in your entire operation. Want to know how many leads you have this month? How many calls your last broadcast got? How many prospects you have? How many homes under contract or you own? We've got you on those and a TON MORE.
  •  Plus Much, Much More...
Assume Buyers On Fire Found You "The Mother Of All Deals" To Buy,
Watch How We Market And Sell Them FOR YOU...
Powerful Automated Marketing For Your Home
We all know marketing a home to sell doesn't mean you put a sign in the yard and put it on the MLS. That's NOT marketing. We market your homes to sell in 7 days or less. It's a couple steps and a couple clicks to have PERFECT marketing on any house you have 
for sale.

Here’s How It Works...
  •   Tell us about your house
  •   Upload pictures of your house
Is that easy enough? Only 1 step left...

Powerful Automated Marketing For Your Home
You need a GREAT property description, A Lead Capture Number to gather and build your buyers list FOR YOU, Craigslist ads written FOR YOU, a video put on Youtube so google picks it up, a blog written for you, a Facebook post uploaded for you that get buyers (Wholesale, Prehab, or Rehab) drooling over your property. They need to pick up the phone and just call you.

That's what we do in this Step...
  •   You pick the marketing copy (all of which have sold over 1,000 homes across the country) 
  •   We do the hard work and market every property like it should be, NOT just throwing a sign in the yard and putting it in a database. Even though we do that for you too
From start to finish a task that would take you over 10 hours to do properly is complete in less than 3 minutes. Enjoy your profit or commission checks.

YOU Focus On Your Business and Buyers On Fire Works
Inside Your Business Bringing You Buyer AND Seller Leads
Buyers On Fire was developed and maintained by John Cochran (Founder of Buyers On Fire). It was designed with one big problem to solve. We needed a complete software that not only was a marketing machine for Buyer and Seller leads, BUT a software that could manage your entire Real Estate Business while you were out doing deals. This is the ONLY true complete Real Estate software where you don't need anything else. The best is all under the BOF hood.

Buyers on Fire is designed to be simple, yet insanely powerful. It's always easier to get where you want to go faster by having our better tools and software work for you. Invest and enjoy the comfort that comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, our best bet is that you will use Buyers on Fire FOREVER.
John Cochran
(Founder of Buyers On Fire)
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