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12 Black Friday Bonuses

  • 500 Free Postcards With Hand Written Address
  • 200 Free Hand-Written Thank You/Chat Again Soon Cards
  • 1,000 Free Ringless Voicemails
  • 1,000 Free SMS & SO MUCH MORE!

We Will Get Your Phone Ringing & Keep It Ringing With Ultra-Motivated Sellers

Step 1

Signup with your very own LIFETIME Access To FollowUp.com
This system will perfectly market to and follow up with any seller lead you run through it. It's like having a personal assistant that never takes a vacation or makes a costly mistake

Step 2

Login & build your perfect marketing/follow up process or select one of our already built & proven templates
Setup Time: 5-10 Minutes

Use Our Powerhouse Drop & Drag Builder To Send Whatever Marketing Piece You Want & When You Want It Sent!

Step 3

Import your favorite seller leads into your perfect Follow Up system
Pre-Foreclosure, Vacant, Out Of State Owners, Landlords, Divorce, Tax Delinquent, FSBO Leads etc.

   Step 4

Now that you have all of your marketing/follow-up built and your leads have been imported into the system, All of your leads will get marketed to, perfect follow up and your phone will start ringing with sellers that are ultra-motivated to sell you their home

Seller Called But Not Motivated Right Now? No Problem

This is where you will really see the true power in FollowUp.com. When a seller responds to your marketing but isn’t motivated to sell, it’s just a no for now. Our system will automatically stay in front of your leads however you wish.

  • Ringless Voicemail
  • ​Text Messages
  • ​Custom Hand-Written Thank You Cards
  • ​Custom Hand-Written Chat Again Soon Cards
  • ​Postcards (With Hand-Written Address)
  • ​Emails

This quickly takes a seller who isn’t motivated when they first called you, strategically stays in front of them in different ways and when they change their mind guess who’s at the top of their mind and who they call? YOU

Just because a seller tells you that they’re not interested right now doesn’t mean that your follow-up should stop. It means that you should start following up with them in different ways over a longer period of time and that’s what will make you stand out and be different from all other Real Estate Investors. You never go away

B L A C K   F R I D A Y    B O N U S 

The Extra Power & Fuel Your Real Estate Investing Business Needs To Grow

500 Free Custom Postcards With Handwritten Addresses
Our yellow postcards are 100% customizable, the address is handwritten with a blue ink pen and they flat out get your phone ringing. We love sending these postcards to new leads at the beginning of a marketing campaign. 
100 Free Custom Thank You Cards
These cards and envelopes are 100% customizable & truly handwritten by a human with a real blue ink pen. These cards can be sent to either new or existing sellers but work best on sending to sellers immediately after you get off the phone with them and they weren't interested in selling. 
100 Free Custom Chat Again Soon Cards
These cards and envelopes are 100% customizable & truly handwritten by a human with a real blue ink pen. These cards drive real results and can be sent to new or existing leads. We like sending these cards to new leads to drive incoming phone calls but are also extremely effective to re-engage a seller that you talked to months ago. 
1,000 Free Ringless Voicemails
A ringless voicemail is a very effective way to make 1 or 1000+ calls at once. All you need to do is pre-record what you want to say on your voicemail and our system will deliver it right inside of your leads voicemail. Your phone will literally ring just minutes after you send these. These can be sent to any lead in any step of your marketing process. 
1,000 Free Text Messages
With a 100% open rate, it's crucial that you send text messages (sms) to your leads. These can be to any lead and best if you use them as quick follow ups to others actions. Example: Hey, it's Sam... I just sent you a voicemail, please call me back.
Our Entire Pre-Built Follow Up Systems! It's A Follow Up Library With Scripts 
What you say and when you say it to your leads matters. This is our entire library of pre-built follow up systems & scripts that we'll be delivering inside of your LIFETIME account. You will get pre-built follow up templates for Vacant homes, Pre-Foreclosure homes, Absentee Owners, Absentee Owners with multiple properties, Probate homes, Combo Sellers, Bandit Signs, and the mother of all, our Bounty Hunter follow up system that will track down all the sellers that are hiding from you right now! This will get and keep your phone ringing with any lead source above!
The 12-Week Real Estate Investors Playbook
This is worth going lifetime all by itself. These weekly playbooks are SUPER DETAILED and tell you what to do and how to do it week by week to transform your Real Estate Investing business using FollowUp.com. 
Lifetime Access
You will never pay a monthly subscription fee, so the worlds only all-in-one marketing/ follow up technology that will never stop working your leads for you. You don't have to lift a finger!
Free Upgrades For Life
Every quarter we release new upgrades and features for our members... You get them long before anyone else does!
Unlimited Support
If you ever get stuck or need help using FollowUp.com we're always here to help. Whether it's inside of our app for a quick question or on our weekly user only live webinar trainings to teach insider secrets on how to get the most out of FollowUp.com

A Black Friday Complete Package...


How To Talk To A Seller On The First Phone Call
This is a flow chart that will guide you on what to say to any motivated seller that calls or sends you a SMS. This flow chart will help you guide the conversation in the direction it needs to go in and most importantly it will tell you what to say to any of the most common seller objections that you will face while you're on the phone call.  
Creative Offer Formula
This system is pure power and will help you make the right offers to the right sellers. This is a system that will tell you how to structure your offer based on the seller type, if the deal has equity or not, and if there's a mortgage on the property or not! This will get you making the right offers to the right sellers and will ultimately get you doing more deals than you're doing right now!
7 Days & Sold
Copy and paste marketing for find buyers to sell any house (for over asking price) in just 7 days or less! This system will write all of your property descriptions, craigslist ads, facebook posts, youtube titles and descriptions, emails and sms to your buyers list 100% for you! All you have to do is copy, paste and post and you will have hungry buyers contacting you wanting to buy any of your wholesale or retail deals! 
90 Day Business Transformation Master Class 
If you're business isn't where you want it to be right now, just hit the reset. This system & community is responsible for taking hundreds of businesses from little to no deals to doing 10+ deals a month in just 90 days! This is a transformation in a box that includes weekly playbooks, coaching calls, systems, software(s) and all the resources you'll need to give your business the reset and momentum you've always wanted! If you can read you can do this!

Not Only Does FollowUp.com Market To & Follow Up With All Your Leads 100% For You...

It's Also A Full CRM (Client Relationship Manager For Your Business So You Can...
  • Send ringless voicemail, text messages and email broadcasts to your leads
  • ​Write internal notes about all of your leads
  • ​Upload important contracts & documents that pertain to your leads
  • ​Tag all of your leads for ultimate organization
  • ​Respond to all of your leads in our state of the art message center

Is It Really That Simple?

It really is. We have already tested, done for you templates that you can choose from or you can build a follow up straight from scratch. Simply use our drop and drag builder to send what you want, to who you want and when you want it sent. 

If you do get stuck, don’t worry, you can chat with one of our support heroes right inside our app so that you can get the help you need without leaving FollowUp.com

  • 500 Free Postcards With Hand Written Address
  • 200 Free Hand-Written Thank You/Chat Again Soon Cards
  • Our Entire Pre-Built Follow Up Systems! It's A Done-For-You Follow Up Library With Scripts 
  • The 12-Week Real Estate Investors Playbook
  • Unlimited Support 
  • 1,000 Free Ringless Voicemails
  • 1,000 Free SMS & SO MUCH MORE!
  • How To Talk To A Seller On The First Phone Call
  • The Creative Offer Formula
  • 7 Days & Sold Done For You Marketing
  • The 90 Day Business Transformation Master Class